Inner Shelf DRI Monthly Meeting 2017-07-12

Inner Shelf DRI Monthly Meeting 2017-07-12 attendees: Chris Chickadel, Joe Calantoni, Nirni Kumar, David Honegger, Kevin Haas, Roland Romeiser, André Palóczy, Tom Cook, Falk Feddersen, Matt Spydell, Jim Lerczak, Reg Beach Agenda: Satellite updates Funding notes from Reggie VTC frequency increase? Satellite: imagery 2015 pilot data online, request access via email to Roland GeoTiff format, not full quality, high quality … Read More

Surface Temp Movie: Combined remote-sensing IR and in situ measurements

  Below is a movie of surface Temperature at the New River Inlet on May 7th 2012 during the ONR-funded RIVET I experiment.   The temperature is derived by combining airborne IR (Luc Lenain in Ken Melville’s group at SIO) with in situ temperature sensors.   The top panel shows the tide level and the arrow to the right shows the currents … Read More