The waves at New River Inlet are supposed to be below 50 cm later this week. I looked at the waves at the buoy every morning since February. They were bigger the 4 weeks the RIVET sensors were in the water than at any time since February! There were two pre-June tropical storms. When a few of us came to … Read More

Tidal elevation and currents: progressive or standing?

Inlet goons: We deployed a current meter for 24 hours near the mouth of the inlet, just offshore of the access road (where UW is building a condo complex out of pipes). The currents  are close to in-phase with the tides. High tide=strong  flood, low tide=strong ebb. Slack is 90-degrees out of phase relative to a sinusoid, and thus slack … Read More

What time is slack tide? Just ask Britt.

Notice who carries the heavy frame and who carries the cable…girls kick ass. That’s Regina, Britt, CAR-E, and the wimpy guy in orange is Levi. AWAC deployed near the mouth of the inlet to get 24 hours of data to check phase lags between sea  surface  and slack tide (34.529434, -77.343110). However, Britt don’t need no stinkin’ AWACs. She predicted … Read More

Jenna, rope queen. You should see her on a quarter horse chasing a steer that needs to be branded. I suggest you not annoy her. 33 ADVs calibrated, 11 profilers calibrated, 5 combo-sensors calibrated tomorrow, 33 pressure gages getting bench tested for offsets, 19 profiler frames assembled (a lot of nuts and bolts, way a lot, and there are twice … Read More

Bill and kent on the road

Bill and Kent are driving from San Diego to New River Inlet, hauling boats and gear. From Bill: Here’s a typical situation, Kent with the wimpy automatic gas truck pulling a light load trying to hang with the power stroke diesel pulling a much heavier load.  He’s a good sport and a great traveling companion.

Boat Races

If you have spent time in southern California, you may know what it means to “race for pink slips.” One fine day in May, the Falk-Guza (FG) and Britt-Steve (BS) groups will race boats for pink slips.  The FG boat, the “Pink Storm” already is pink (see photo below) and has a cool, but scary masthead. The BS boat, the … Read More