West side bed forms

Below is a movie made by Cassia Pianca showing changes in low-tide morphology during the experiment. Focus on the short-scale features right along the shoreline – you will see them steadily move toward the inlet at a rate of about 50 m in 8 days (6 m/day).  Hmm.  If this doesn’t show up in the blog, I’ll email it. movieSmallLowTide … Read More

Inlet Currents??

Today I tried initial analyses on “vBar” pixel instruments to measure tidal currents in the inlet. These are based on Chris Chickadel’s work and seemed potentially applicable to this situation of co-aligned waves and currents in the inlet. Below shows the locations of estimates. The figure below shows ebb current estimates for each of the three lines. Locations of zero … Read More

West Side Bedforms

Attached is a higher resolution local merged timex from today’s low tide showing detailed bedforms on the western side of the inlet.  I’m amazed by the amount of structure.  Also, we have posted a first draft web description of Argus at RIVET at cil-www.oce.orst.edu/rivet.  It includes description of our geometry set up procedure and the location of a decent 3D … Read More

Merge Images available

I’m not sure if this is well known yet, but Argus merged images are available on the web at http://cil-www.oce.orst.edu/RIVETmerge.  They are posted as they are collected and consist of snap, timex, var, bright and dark images for every 1/2 hour.  The upper half of the page is rectifications for the large inlet area at 2.5 m resolution.  If you … Read More

Example Merged Rectifications

Here are example merged Argus products that we will be putting on the web. If you have suggestions for changes, let us know. For example, we will add instrument locations as we learn them. The first is a large area time exposure showing the shoal configuration. The second in a small area snap that shows fierce crossing wave patterns.

Rapidly sinking.

For those sleeping safely away from the sea, here is the view from our deck.  Each high tide is a new adventure.

Initial Timex Images

Attached (with luck) are initial time exposure images from today at 1700 EST (1800 EDT??). We surveyed this evening and will be doing image geometries tomorrow then will run routine rectification maps thereafter. But we thought people might be interested in the shoal geometries.