Jenna, rope queen. You should see her on a quarter horse chasing a steer that needs to be branded. I suggest you not annoy her.

33 ADVs calibrated, 11 profilers calibrated, 5 combo-sensors calibrated tomorrow, 33 pressure gages getting bench tested for offsets, 19 profiler frames assembled (a lot of nuts and bolts, way a lot, and there are twice as many to go to attach the sensors). 30 sets of ground lines and float lines cut and spliced, 2 boats in the water (lesson learned: check that the boat plug is installed…). As Bob Dylan said “twenty years of schooling, and they put you on the day shift.”

We learned about bull sharks and alligators, but the turtle huggers did not show up for a scheduled lesson on saving turtles and plovers, so we are learning where things lie on the priority lists.

All is well, weather is perfect, sand is moving (can see it with your eyes) already, and waves are supposed to get big this weekend, so likely the surveys Jesse and his team busted their butts for over the last two days are not going to work. They will redo it after the storm, possibly with help from the Feddersen-Guza jet ski team.

Totally wonderful to be working with the CCS guys again, but they are getting nervous about racing the newly named “Pink Turtle” for pink slips.