Example Merged Rectifications

Here are example merged Argus products that we will be putting on the web. If you have suggestions for changes, let us know. For example, we will add instrument locations as we learn them. The first is a large area time exposure showing the shoal configuration. The second in a small area snap that shows fierce crossing wave patterns.

Delft3D model simulations posted

From Ad Reneirs & Patrick Rynne: All, We’ve posted the latest model predictions for NRI for the 28th-29th at the link below. Please click on the .zip file link in the center of the page. http://newriverinlet.com/Model_-_Results.html we are driving up today, predictions will be more timely in the days ahead once we get settled. cheers! -Patrick & Ad Below is … Read More

New NRI NEARCOM model results on the Apr 16/17 Bathy (Tom, Julie, & Fengyan)

The UDEL folks have posted new NEARCOM model results on their website.   The basic conditions are the same.  One M2 tidal cycle, with normally incident Hsig=1 m, and then varying the drag coefficient.     It is hard to tell from these simulations how far offshore the tidal jet goes.    We will be simulating drifter trajectories on these model currents and posting … Read More

Piling met station link

The met station on the piling at the N. Topsail Beach side of the inlet updates three times per day at https://www.hobolink.com/p/0eb11c7403315a5feb1b45011fd5ecd2 , where you can see plots of recent observations and download the raw data.  The anemometer height is 5.4 m above MLLW.

Rapidly sinking.

For those sleeping safely away from the sea, here is the view from our deck.  Each high tide is a new adventure.

Initial Timex Images

Attached (with luck) are initial time exposure images from today at 1700 EST (1800 EDT??). We surveyed this evening and will be doing image geometries tomorrow then will run routine rectification maps thereafter. But we thought people might be interested in the shoal geometries.

Summary of RIVET target deployment locations

I was talking to Jesse McNinch this morning about compiling deployment locations for all the instruments that have been deployed.    Many deployed instruments don’t have yet an accurate processed GPS location.   However, target deployment locations have been put together by various PIs in coordination.   Jesse thought it would be useful to see the target locations.     So I’ve put together the  … Read More

Day 1 of SIO (Feddersen/Guza) deployments

Today was the first day of the SIO Feddersen/Guza deployments.   We installed all the pipes to mount Nortek Vectors, EcoTripplets, and marker poles at five locations denoted V1, V2, V3, V7, & V8.    For reference see the deployment map below.   The vector locations are labeled.     The idea is to be able to measure the dye dilution as dye is carried … Read More

Tidal elevation and currents: progressive or standing?

Inlet goons: We deployed a current meter for 24 hours near the mouth of the inlet, just offshore of the access road (where UW is building a condo complex out of pipes). The currents  are close to in-phase with the tides. High tide=strong  flood, low tide=strong ebb. Slack is 90-degrees out of phase relative to a sinusoid, and thus slack … Read More