Movie of May 3rd Ebb Tide Drifter Trajectories

The above movie was made by Matthew Spydell. It shows May 3rd ebb tide drifter trajectories from the RIVET experiment at New River Inlet. Bathymetry is shaded. Land regions are in gray. The bar on top indicates elapsed time (in hours) since the start of the release. For more information on this release look at this blog entry.  This movie … Read More

Last SIO drifter releases: May 17

Sorry for the late post, but… Thursday May 17 was the last day of SIO drifter releases. Again weather (rain and potential T-storms) cut the releases short and we only did two releases. Both releases were during ebb tide and were generally similar (thus only the first is examined in detail here) but novel compared to previous releases during ebb … Read More

6th day of drifter releases

May 15 was the 6th day of drifter releases. We did 2 releases in the morning during the ebb tide, 1 during ebb to slack tide, and 1 afternoon release during flood tide. The releases today were shorter in length so that we could collect all 35 drifters more quickly if thunderstorms arrived, which thankfully they didn’t. Below are images … Read More

Day 3 of Drifter Releases

Yesterday (May 3rd) was the 3rd day of SIO drifter releases.     It was quite interesting.  We released again on an ebb tide near channel marker 8.  This time we released drifters in pairs (except for the last 3) separated by 1 minute.  With 33 drifters it took 17 minutes.   The reason for time separation was to see how that might … Read More

Day 2 of drifter releases

Today was day 2 of drifter releases.   Everything went very well with the exception of possibly dinging the WHOI location 55 with our Whaler.     We did three releases.   The first was during a strong ebb tide.    The 2nd was an attempt to capture the transition from ebb to flood.    Two drifter track images are shown below.     The first image is … Read More

Schedule for Dye and Drifter Releases

The schedule for RIVET dye and drifter releases have been tentatively schedule for: May 1, 2, 3, 4:  Drifter Release Experiments May 5 : Turnaround Instrument Day May 6,7,8 : Dye Release Experiments with Airborne Dye Observations May 9th:  Turnaround May 10,11, 12:   Dye Release Experiments with Airborne Dye Observations May 13th : Turnaround May 14, 15, 16, 17:  Drifter … Read More

drifters on NEARCOM model currents

In order to get an idea of the offshore extent of the tidal jet, exchange, and overall dispersion, Matt Spydell has taken the NEARCOM (tide+waves) model output provided by Tom Hsu, Fengyan Shi, and Jia-Lin Chen @ UDEL and released numerical drifters inside the inlet at the start of the ebb tide.  These drifters are advected by the currents and … Read More