Inner Shelf DRI Monthly Meeting 2017-07-12

Inner Shelf DRI Monthly Meeting 2017-07-12 attendees: Chris Chickadel, Joe Calantoni, Nirni Kumar, David Honegger, Kevin Haas, Roland Romeiser, André Palóczy, Tom Cook, Falk Feddersen, Matt Spydell, Jim Lerczak, Reg Beach Agenda: Satellite updates Funding notes from Reggie VTC frequency increase? Satellite: imagery 2015 pilot data online, request access via email to Roland GeoTiff format, not full quality, high quality … Read More

Surface Temp Movie: Combined remote-sensing IR and in situ measurements

  Below is a movie of surface Temperature at the New River Inlet on May 7th 2012 during the ONR-funded RIVET I experiment.   The temperature is derived by combining airborne IR (Luc Lenain in Ken Melville’s group at SIO) with in situ temperature sensors.   The top panel shows the tide level and the arrow to the right shows the currents … Read More

Nortek Vector ADV & Aquadop ADCP (Feddersen/Guza) data posted (updated 2X)

NOTE: May 3rd 2013: The .mat files have been updated again. The format is the same as below. Some compass and sensor orientation issues have been fixed. I highly recommend you use these new versions. Download details can be found at: NOTE: .mat files have been updated as of Wed Dec 19th 10:45am PST.   Thanks to Peter Rogowski for … Read More

New River Inlet Jetski data now posted on ftp site

The jetski data from the RIVET I experiment at the New River Inlet is now posted at our ftp site.  If you do not have ftp access, please contact falk for access.  Below are two examples of the Dye and Temperature data from two days superimposed on the New River Inlet bathymetry. The listing of the ftp directory looks like: … Read More

FTP data site is now up

RIVET-ers:   our ftp data site is now up.   We are slowly in the process of putting processed and quality controlled data onto it.   To access the ftp site please ftp to or use the ftp shell program and ftp to  with username “rivet” If you would like access to the data please email falk feddersen (ffeddersen at … Read More

Airborne dye movie from May 7 2012

We’ve been busy processing up the RIVET I data from the New River Inlet, which we will be posting to our ftp site soon. We’ve also been working up the airborne observations (in collaboration with Luc Lenain & the Melville lab). The video below shows a visualization of the May 7th dye release. Animation of repeated airborne passes of the … Read More

Sonar Imagery of bedform movies

Here are the movies from the sonars on our quadpods. I added two new ones with 2-axis pencil beam rotary sonar imagery overlaid on top of the sidescan data to show some actual elevations of the bedforms in a limited region under the frame. And here are the locations of the frames and some boat mounted sidescan:  

The waves at New River Inlet are supposed to be below 50 cm later this week. I looked at the waves at the buoy every morning since February. They were bigger the 4 weeks the RIVET sensors were in the water than at any time since February! There were two pre-June tropical storms. When a few of us came to … Read More

SWIFT runs complete

Yesterday we completed the final set of SWIFT runs, measuring surface turbulence, waves, winds, and currents through the inlet. Below is the composite of all tracks from 26 Apr to 21 May, color scaled by turbulent dissipation rate. Across all conditions, there is consistent enhanced dissipation at the channel outlets (old and new), as well as over the shoals. Other, … Read More

Thermal IR visualized flow

The attached video shows a 17 minute series of 10 second averaged images from the thermal IR cameras on the APLUW/OSU tower.  Brighter shades indicate relatively warmer temperatures.  The high tide was approximately 2 hours prior to the movie.  Note the strong northward flow which bends into the inlet and intersects a cooler front in the main channel.