What time is slack tide? Just ask Britt.

Notice who carries the heavy frame and who carries the cable…girls kick ass. That’s Regina, Britt, CAR-E, and the wimpy guy in orange is Levi.

AWAC deployed near the mouth of the inlet to get 24 hours of data to check phase lags between sea¬† surface¬† and slack tide (34.529434, -77.343110). However, Britt don’t need no stinkin’ AWACs. She predicted slack at 10:20 this morning…perfect, within 1-2 minutes according to the floats and drifting boat. That was 2 hrs 30 minutes (within a minute or two) after high tide. We’ll see if the model (Britt) is correct when we recover the sensor tomorrow and look at the data this weekend.

Saw Guza, Falk, Mrs. Falk, and boat-driver Bill in the Pink Turtle about to release drifters at 11 am this morning.