Day 1 of SIO (Feddersen/Guza) deployments

Today was the first day of the SIO Feddersen/Guza deployments.   We installed all the pipes to mount Nortek Vectors, EcoTripplets, and marker poles at five locations denoted V1, V2, V3, V7, & V8.    For reference see the deployment map below.   The vector locations are labeled.     The idea is to be able to measure the dye dilution as dye is carried alongshore up and downcoast from the inlet – and the ADV current meters are to measure fluxes.     It is unlikely that there will be a strong tidal jet carrying tracer far offshore.   In our two test dye deployments the dye just went along the coast essentially.

Next up on Wed is 3 tripods at locations V4, V5, and V6.  These we’ll need the help of the LARC.    In the meantime  WHOI (Raubenheimer/Elgar) are cruising with their deployments and UNH has 2/3 ADCPs deployed.    Things are cooking!