Summary of RIVET target deployment locations

I was talking to Jesse McNinch this morning about compiling deployment locations for all the instruments that have been deployed.    Many deployed instruments don’t have yet an accurate processed GPS location.   However, target deployment locations have been put together by various PIs in coordination.   Jesse thought it would be useful to see the target locations.     So I’ve put together the  WHOI (Britt/Steve), SIO (Falk/Bob), UNH (Lippmann), and SIO Metbuoys (Terrill) target deployment locations in one kml file.     An image is shown below.      Note these are ONLY target locations.     Final deployment locations will be different.   For example the UNH ADCP 3 is deployed farther to the SW than indicated.

Generally.  Red are WHOI (Britt/Steve) – the red circles are ADV, red circle w/ black dot are ADCP.    SIO ADVS (denoted SIO-V[1-8]) are white squares w/ black dot.   SIO ADCPs are magenta circles (denoted SIO-A[1-4]).   SIO Wirewalkers are open white diamonds.    UNH ADCPs are in green.    The SIO Metbuoys are not easily visible here but are in the .kml file.

When final deployed positions are known we will post them here.