from the “Maple” group BIO/Dalhousie/UMaine

The ‘Maple’ group from BIO, Dalhousie and UMaine arrived Tuesday. Our objective is to characterize suspended particles (size distribution and composition) and relate it to ocean color. We have already scouted the river, taken grab samples and water samples for grain size, and have completed a drift station with a LISST and Digital Floc Camera through
the mouth of the inlet. In the next few days we plan to occupy a 13h station near the river mouth (Friday) and perform a transect along the river (Saturday). With the arrival of Emmanuel Boss, in addition to the in situ particle size spectrum, our measurements now include spectral absorption, attenuation and backscattering of both dissolved and
particulate material and hyper-spectral upwelling radiance and irradiance.  Our observations will help link the in-water optical properties to remote observations.

Tim Milligan, Brent Law, Gary Bugden (BIO/DAL) and Emmanuel Boss (UMaine)

(some pics & images coming soon)