5/19/2012 and 5/20/2012 Final Dye Release REMUS Ops

REMUS operations starting ~1.5 hours before max ebb were conducted during the 5/19 and 5/20 dye releases.  Conditions were rough during the 5/19 mission outside of the inlet and no dye was visible during REMUS ops.  However comparison plots of river Colored Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM) versus Rhodamine concentrations show that the dye was present, just at low concentrations (~0.5 ppb).  The mission was designed to track the advecting river plume from the inlet mouth to the river plume extent observed from earlier missions (~ 1.2 km offshore).  Mission time was ~3.5 hrs.

5/19/2012 Observed CDOM and Rhodamine concentrations

The same mission was performed during the dye release on 5/20/2012.  Significantly higher concentrations of dye (6 – 10 ppb) were advected outside of the inlet and were observed in the evolving river plume.