The waves at New River Inlet are supposed to be below 50 cm later this week. I looked at the waves at the buoy every morning since February. They were bigger the 4 weeks the RIVET sensors were in the water than at any time since February! There were two pre-June tropical storms. When a few of us came to New River to poke around in October 2010, we drove thru Tropical Storm Nicole (21″ of rain in 24 hours). What are the odds…

Big waves made in-water work difficult, but also provide an opportunity to see the effect of waves on inlet processes, increasing the coolness of everyone’s data sets.

No one is left besides Britt and me (waiting for trucks to take our gear to Duck) (and of course, Greg Schmidt). Quiet. I think the Tiki Bar is considering closing until late June owing to lack-of-business. There are lots of empty tables at Rick’s, and the cul-de-sac at the north end of New River Inlet road is deserted. Not even a LARC in sight.

See you soon I hope. Steve