FTP data site is now up

RIVET-ers:   our ftp data site is now up.   We are slowly in the process of putting processed and quality controlled data onto it.   To access the ftp site please ftp to


or use the ftp shell program and ftp to   ftp.iod.ucsd.edu  with username “rivet”

If you would like access to the data please email falk feddersen (ffeddersen at ucsd.edu) and you’ll be sent a password.

DATA POLICY & CAVEATS:   Our data policy is similar to the Raubenheimer/Elgar (WHOI) policy and is repeated here:
1) We are actively analyzing the dye and drifter data sets from New River.    If you want to use the drifter or dye data please let us know so that the same analysis is not performed twice.

2) If you use the data, we would like to be offered the opportunity to consider co-authorships. We try not to be parasites, and if we do not feel we made a contribution, we will decline.

3) If you use the data, please let us know so we can ensure our sponsors are acknowledged.

4) Please do not distribute these data to any third parties. That means if you let your students use the data, please inform them they are not to share with anyone else. Others can contact us and we will give them the data.  This practice will ensure that everyone can be kept up to date with improved quality control, and our sponsors can be acknowledged.

5) The data have undergone a significant quality control.  However, likely some wierdness remains.  If you find anything strange, please let us know and we will update the data files.

6) If you would like to collaborate, let us know. We’d be happy to share science ideas, suggestions, and processing efforts.

FTP site format

The format of the ftp site should be fairly self explanatory.   We are only starting to put data up so the site will chane and expand.   Currently, the top level directory looks like:

Index of ftp://rivet@ftp.iod.ucsd.edu/

Up to higher level directory

Name Size Last Modified
drifter 8/29/12 8:35:00 PM
fluorometers 9/4/12 6:27:00 PM
wirewalker 9/4/12 8:54:00 PM

The fluorometer directory contains all the data from the deployed fluorometers in two sub directories  fixed_fluorometers (mounted on pipes near current meters) and towed_fluorometers (towed behind a boat).

Index of ftp://rivet@ftp.iod.ucsd.edu/fluorometers/

Up to higher level directory

Name Size Last Modified
File:SIO_fluorometer_data_report.pdf 746 KB 9/4/12 6:27:00 PM
fixed_fluorometers 8/29/12 8:34:00 PM
towed_fluorometers 9/3/12 11:27:00 PM

Let me know if you have any questions