Inner Shelf DRI Monthly Meeting 2017-07-12

Inner Shelf DRI Monthly Meeting 2017-07-12

attendees: Chris Chickadel, Joe Calantoni, Nirni Kumar, David Honegger, Kevin Haas, Roland Romeiser, André Palóczy, Tom Cook, Falk Feddersen, Matt Spydell, Jim Lerczak, Reg Beach


  • Satellite updates
  • Funding notes from Reggie
  • VTC frequency increase?


  • imagery 2015 pilot data online, request access via email to Roland
  • GeoTiff format, not full quality, high quality data exists
  • Sept/Oct overpass are now included in the online calendar (PSIEX), overpass times (local) are included for four different SVs
  • 87 overpasses possible predicted, not all will be purchased, some are free
  • need input on which ones to order in advance, early Aug – might be able to request as little as 1 week ahead (maybe)
  • Sentinel 1 – acquired automatically (routine) New wave measurement technique using SAR “spotlight” data under investigation ScanSAR imagery ahead of the experiment for planning? Aircraft coordination w/ overpasses


  • Talk with Reggie about any funding issues, money is out
  • Permitting is in process with CA State, NOAA
  • SAR questions – connect with Reggie
  • Additional VTCs? ship ops / VTC at end of July?, biweekly VTC after?
  • Earliest deployments end of Aug for Jamie and Falk, radars are in on Sept 1 or so
  • Surface wind observation from VAFB are available for 2015 pilot (Jim Doyle contact)
  • Surface winds will be collected by VAFB during main experiment