Yesterday (May 6th) was the First Day of Dye Releases

Yesterday (May 6th) was the first day of dye releases.    Although we had a couple of glitches things overall went very smooth.   In the AM we deployed 15 fluorometers (measure dye concentration) at the SIO and WHOI current meter locations.   Combined with the velocity measurements, this allows one to make flux measurements of dye out or into the inlet.    The … Read More

Delft3D dye simulations of New River Inlet (w. Ad Reniers & Patrick Rynne)

The youtube movie below shows Log10 dye concentration (no units) at New River Inlet released just up the inlet over t=2-4 hr.    This simulation is forced by the M2 tide and has no stratification, no wind, and no waves.  Top: time series of tidal elevation at (x,y)=(0,0) m.   The red dashed line represents the current time location.    Bottom:  plan … Read More

Schedule for Dye and Drifter Releases

The schedule for RIVET dye and drifter releases have been tentatively schedule for: May 1, 2, 3, 4:  Drifter Release Experiments May 5 : Turnaround Instrument Day May 6,7,8 : Dye Release Experiments with Airborne Dye Observations May 9th:  Turnaround May 10,11, 12:   Dye Release Experiments with Airborne Dye Observations May 13th : Turnaround May 14, 15, 16, 17:  Drifter … Read More