WHOI (Raubenheimer/Elgar) & SIO (Feddersen/Guza) instrument plan (draft)

Below is a google earth image of the WHOI (Raubenheimer/Elgar) & SIO (Feddersen/Guza) sensor deployment plan.  We coordinated last week to get the best coverage from all of our sensors.   Steve Elgar made the nice map below.  It will change once we get the new survey after the dredging,  but this gives an idea of # of instruments and … Read More

RIVET Blog Site and RIVET coordinate system

The idea of this blog site is to have a place to put all the pre and post experiment ideas and analysis for the entire RIVET teams to share.   This should serve as a supplement to the dri-nr mailing list. WE’ll be posting pre experiment model simulation results soon. Also: don’t forget the RIVET coordinate system information can be found … Read More