More test dye releases on a low ebbing tide

We now know that the tide and tidal-inlet velocity are largely in phase – thanks to the WHOI (Raubenheimer & Elgar) AWACS deployment over the weekend.   That information will be posted here later.    Today we did another test dye release.   Recall that previously we did a test dye release at the start of the ebb on medium tide with ENE … Read More

New River Inlet NEARCOM model web site at UDEL (Tom, Julie, Fengyan)

BELOW IS FROM THE EMAIL FROM TOM HSU TO THE NRI EMAIL LIST.  REPOSTING HERE FOR CONVENIENCE: We have established a site to disseminate our model results: If you look at the left frame in this webpage, under “model prediction”, you will see the case runs. Once you click, it will take you to another page where you can … Read More

What time is slack tide? Just ask Britt.

Notice who carries the heavy frame and who carries the cable…girls kick ass. That’s Regina, Britt, CAR-E, and the wimpy guy in orange is Levi. AWAC deployed near the mouth of the inlet to get 24 hours of data to check phase lags between sea  surface  and slack tide (34.529434, -77.343110). However, Britt don’t need no stinkin’ AWACs. She predicted … Read More

New Bathymetry for the New River Inlet (thanks to Jesse & FRF crew)

A new bathymetry for the new river inlet has been posted on the new river inlet FRF web site.    Please go there for all the details.   A big thank you to Jesse McNinch and the entire FRF crew.      An gridded bathymetric image is shown below.  Note that there are two channels; the old one more to the north and the … Read More

Jenna, rope queen. You should see her on a quarter horse chasing a steer that needs to be branded. I suggest you not annoy her. 33 ADVs calibrated, 11 profilers calibrated, 5 combo-sensors calibrated tomorrow, 33 pressure gages getting bench tested for offsets, 19 profiler frames assembled (a lot of nuts and bolts, way a lot, and there are twice … Read More

Observations of the LARC surveying (from R.T. Guza)

The LARC continues to survey despite a 15-20 mph sea breeze.  They are on the other side of the inlet, and have surveyed a lot.  Waves on the ebb tide shoal are directionally beserk. Colliding crests with 90 degs (and more) spread.  Small crests, but they combine to make 3′ local peaks. 3-5 sec peak period.  Steep, savage little bastards … Read More

Real-time New River Inlet Wave and Weather Info (from R.T. Guza)

Real time New River wave info can be found at the CDIP web page or at Click on “Recent” and scroll down to New River Inlet NC Buoy.  This buoy is in 130 m water depth, directly offshore of the New River Inlet.   It was just deployed so there are only a few days of data.   Detailed information is … Read More

Bill and kent on the road

Bill and Kent are driving from San Diego to New River Inlet, hauling boats and gear. From Bill: Here’s a typical situation, Kent with the wimpy automatic gas truck pulling a light load trying to hang with the power stroke diesel pulling a much heavier load.  He’s a good sport and a great traveling companion.

Boat Races

If you have spent time in southern California, you may know what it means to “race for pink slips.” One fine day in May, the Falk-Guza (FG) and Britt-Steve (BS) groups will race boats for pink slips.  The FG boat, the “Pink Storm” already is pink (see photo below) and has a cool, but scary masthead. The BS boat, the … Read More