Day 2 of drifter releases

Today was day 2 of drifter releases.   Everything went very well with the exception of possibly dinging the WHOI location 55 with our Whaler.     We did three releases.   The first was during a strong ebb tide.    The 2nd was an attempt to capture the transition from ebb to flood.    Two drifter track images are shown below.     The first image is … Read More

First day of drifter releases. Ebb and Flood

Today was the first day of the SIO (Feddersen/Guza) drifter releases.    We did 3 set of 2hr+ drifter releases with our 35 drifter fleet.    The first release began at about 0830 as the tide began to ebb.      We released the 35 drifters near channel marker 08 but in slightly different cross-channel positions – see the screenshot image below … Read More

RIVET from the air

Airborne operations are underway at RIVET. Below are some photographs of the inlet from the APL-UW test flight on Monday (17:00 – 18:00 local time). Onboard the Cessna 172, we have a dual-beam along-track interferometric synthetic aperture radar, two infrared cameras, and a visible wavelength camera. We will be posting imagery from these sensors as soon as it is available.

Sidescan Imagery

In preparation for our quadpod deployement I conducted a quick sidescan survey of the old channel out my pod1 site and the new channel out to my pod2 site. Here is one spot in the newly dredged channel near WHOI (Elgar&Raubenhiemer’s) site 07. KMZ’s with the complete data set can be downloaded here: Follow the links to pre-deployement survey. … Read More