re: Dye Release on May 11th – bomb release near Inter-Coastal Waterway

Here is another aerial image to complement those posted earlier by Falk.  This photograph shows some very cool eddies, and it is also a great illustration of how thin the surface layer of dye was to the SW of inlet.  The dye-free streak on the right side of the photograph was left in the path of our dye sampling WaveRunner.

Inlet Currents??

Today I tried initial analyses on “vBar” pixel instruments to measure tidal currents in the inlet. These are based on Chris Chickadel’s work and seemed potentially applicable to this situation of co-aligned waves and currents in the inlet. Below shows the locations of estimates. The figure below shows ebb current estimates for each of the three lines. Locations of zero … Read More

Dye Release on May 11th – bomb release near Inter-Coastal Waterway

Today (Sunday May 13th) is instrument turnaround day and general catching up.    We also have a report on the dye-bomb release we did on May 11th.   In short, it was an amazing dye of observing the ocean.     The RIVET community had many assets in the water measuring dye, currents, temperature, and salinity.   Here we’ll focus on a … Read More

from the “Maple” group BIO/Dalhousie/UMaine

The ‘Maple’ group from BIO, Dalhousie and UMaine arrived Tuesday. Our objective is to characterize suspended particles (size distribution and composition) and relate it to ocean color. We have already scouted the river, taken grab samples and water samples for grain size, and have completed a drift station with a LISST and Digital Floc Camera through the mouth of the inlet. In the … Read More

REMUS-100 Ebb Tide ADCP Survey, May 4th

Posting on behalf of Rocky Geyer:  These are near-surface velocity vectors from the WHOI REMUS at max ebb on May 4th in the north channel. Maximum ebb currents are well over 1 m/s. Lots of bathymetric steering, but some interesting free lateral shear zones as well.

SWIFT drifter results to date

Here is a composite image from 12 days of SWIFT drifter runs through the inlet spanning many different tide/wind/wave conditions.  The color scale is the surface turbulence dissipation rate, which is generally correlated with strong wave-current interactions in the two channels.  Preliminary turbulence metrics and bulk wind, wave, and current values are posted for each day at, along with an … Read More

May 8th Dye Release Image

The dye release yesterday (May 8th) was very interesting.   The dye release was initiated shortly after slack tide as the water started ebbing.   30 gallons of Rhodamine WT were released in 2:24 min.   As usual the mounted instruments,  the jetskis, NPS/RSMAS crew, REMUS, towed ET array, and the Partenavia were all measuring the dye plume.   At first, as the tide … Read More

Update on Dye and Drifter releases

Here is an update on the remaining schedule for drifter and dye releases. DYE RELEASES: Thursday: There will be no dye released.   Note, this is a change from the previous schedule. Friday May 11th:      Begin releasing dye at 0800:   Release dye for 1.5 hrs – (to just before slack).  Sampling on both ebb and flood. Saturday May 12th:    Begin releasing … Read More

APL-UW thermal IR imagery of the New River inlet plume

The imagery above is a preliminary mosaic of the New River inlet plume on May 2, at about 1150 EDT (the companion data to Gordon Farquaharson’s microASAR data in his May 4 post).  Brightness in the image indicates relatively warmer temperatures, and I’ve adjusted the contrast to highlight the plume, making the warmer land white. The plume on this day … Read More